pcb / 2018

Flopper ESP32 is a PCB designed for Lolin D32 and PN532 NFC breakout board. It's a simple PCB that connects the components into an easy assembly. PCB design is in a prototype phase and needs help for development. It designed to be kit for self-assembly and is meant for people with electronics background.

Flopper ESP32 is used in Flopper Drive and other Flopper players in the future.

Also note that this is only controller for media players. It does not play media itself. You need an Android device, a Raspberry Pi or general computer to play the media.


Help needed to get further from the prototype!

Bill of materials

The total cost of materials is around 25€ if your order one kit straight from the distributors.


Lolin D32 is a cheap ESP32 prototype board from Wemos. It provides the project capacitive touch sensors, Wifi connection, USB power, possibly battery power and charging, possibly bluetooth.


PN532 is a cheap RFID NFC reader breakout board to read the NFC tags inside floppies.

Board design: Kalev Toots