device / 2007

Flopper Drive is a newly designed device that is able to play and create NFC floppies. Even if the floppies are playable by many smartphones or computers, the player makes playing experience nicer and also removes the need for a screen. The player is actually a controller for any device that is able to run a web browser (Android phone or tablet, Raspberry Pi, desktop computer).

The design, hardware and software of the player is released as open source and anybody can build, re-design or extend the device as needed. It is possible to organize workshops to self-build the players.



Bill of materials

  • Plywood 6mm (or other 6mm thick material)
  • M6 Hex Drive Flat Head (or other bolt)
  • Flopper ESP32
  • Wood glue
  • Small screws (2mm)

Assembly tutorial

  • Find a laser cutter in your town or order online.
  • Laser cut pieces
  • Finish the plywood to your liking (paint, vax etc)
  • Assemble and glue
  • Attach Flopper ESP32